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Emergency - 911 Program
The City currently provides the citizens of the county with 911 Emergency service. The process for providing service began with awarding a contract for mapping work in 1989. Actual operation of E-911 began in October 1991 in the rear of City Hall. During the ongoing process, numerous duplicate road names in the city and county were identified and eliminated. Private drives were also identified and named during this process.

The Central Dispatch has direct communications with the City and County Fire Departments, City Police, Sheriff's Department, Hardin County Rescue Squad, and the Hardin County Emergency Medical Service. Dispatchers are trained and certified in giving pre-arrival instructions and CPR.

The E-911 services maintain an in-house database, which allows the dispatcher to access information that can be necessary for providing emergency services. Residents and businesses throughout the city and county are listed in the database. This information is updated on a weekly basis.

A board consisting of a Chairman and eight other members dictate operating policies to E-911. The board typically meets on a monthly basis.

Police Department
The Police Chief supervises 16 patrol officers, 2 criminal investigators, and 2 police clerks. Included is a certified K-9 officer who handles Jessie, a Belgian Malinois police dog, who is a certified narcotics police dog.

The Savannah Police Department is a pro-active participant in the community anti-crime program. This program includes providing assistance in establishing neighborhood watch programs, conducting  classes in schools, and providing instructions to banks, churches, and businesses on preventative measures for greater security.

The Department constantly pursues various training to be familiar with ever changing laws, new crime prevention and investigative techniques, public relations, and general law enforcement. One type of public relations combined with vehicle patrol is a foot patrol program.  When time and weather permits, the officers will walk in  a particular area as opposed to patrolling in their vehicles.  This gives citizens the opportunity to see and talk with an officer in addition to law enforcement getting input from the community.  Every program implemented is an ogoing effort to make our community a safer place to live.

Fire Department
The Fire Chief supervises 7 full-time firemen, 1 secretary, and 18 volunteer firemen. The fire Department is responsible for handling all fire calls within a five-mile radius of City Hall. The Fire Chief also serves as the City's Safety Director.

Fire Safety House
Fire Safety House
The Fire Department promotes fire safety in area schools with the use of the "Fire Safety House". The "Fire Safety House" is a miniature two-story house on wheels that simulates a fire with real smoke and doors that feel hot when touched. School children are carried through the house and taught how to react safely during a fire.